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Jan Ruijscher (1625-1675)

"Jan Ruijscher (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Dutch; Male; After 1625 - 1675 or later)
Also known as Ruijscher, Johannes; Ruisscher, Johannes; Ruischer, Johannes; Rauscher, Johannes; Ruyscher, Jan
Biography: Etcher, draughtsman and painter. Born in Franeker. His drawings suggest that he may have studied with Rembrandt in the mid-1640s, as they resemble the flat landscapes of other Rembrandt pupils of this period, such as Philips Koninck and Abraham Furnerius. He was also influenced by Hercules Segers, and was dubbed the ’Young Hercules’. From 1649 -the year of his first dated works, which are etchings- until 1657 he lived in Dordrecht. Appointed painter to the court at Cleves in 1652, he travelled to Germany in 1657, working for the Elector of Brandenburg until 1661, and from 1662 to 1675 for the Elector of Saxony." -, 03.12.2017

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