Jacques Callot (1592-1635)

"Jacques Callot (French: [ʒak kalo]; c. 1592 – 1635) was a baroque printmaker and draftsman from the Duchy of Lorraine (an independent state on the north-eastern border of France, southwestern border of Germany and overlapping the southern Netherlands). He is an important person in the development of the old master print. He made more than 1,400 etchings that chronicled the life of his period, featuring soldiers, clowns, drunkards, Gypsies, beggars, as well as court life. He also etched many religious and military images, and many prints featured extensive landscapes in their background." - ( 29.01.2020)

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Diverse Vedute Designate In Fiorenza. Per Jacopo Callott. TitelblattDer Spaziergang auf dem Wasser, Blatt 1 der Serie „Diverse Vedute Designate In FDie Einschiffung der Kaufleute, Blatt 2 der Serie „Diverse Vedute Designate In FDie Badenden, Blatt 3 der Serie „Diverse Vedute Designate In Fiorenza.“Die Hirschjagd, Blatt 4 der Serie „Diverse Vedute Designate In Fiorenza.“Die Vogeljagd, Blatt 5 der Serie „Diverse Vedute Designate In Fiorenza.“
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[Relation to person or institution] Jacques Callot (1592-1635)
Printing plate produced François Collignon (1610-1687)

Printing plate produced Jacques Callot (1592-1635)

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