Prince Charles of Prussia (1801-1883)

"Prince Frederick Charles Alexander of Prussia (German: Friedrich Karl Alexander; 29 June 1801 – 21 January 1883) was a younger son of Frederick William III of Prussia. He served as a Prussian general for much of his adult life and became the first Herrenmeister (Grand Master) of the Order of Saint John after its restoration as a chivalric order. Nevertheless, he is perhaps remembered more often for his patronage of art and for his sizable collections of art and armor." - ( 08.11.2019)

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Der Jägerhof in Klein-GlienickeSchloss Glienicke von der StraßenseiteDie Villa SchöningenDas Casino in GlienickeSüdostseite von Schloss Glienicke mit der Löwenfontäne
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[Relation to person or institution] Prince Charles of Prussia (1801-1883)
[Relation to person or institution] Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1781-1841)

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